Tenamaxtli refers to three stones in a circular alignment that sorround the traditional Nahua kitchen fire. The stones support a comal, a circular metal plate on which tortillas are cooked. The tenamaxtli is also a metaphor to describe how the universe is organized.  In plural, tenamaztin, is the word for triplet babies.  It is considered a deadly omen for warriors to knock over the tenamaxtli.

Artemio Tenamaxtli (pka. Rodrigo HGz) creates installations, artist multiples and socially engaged performative projects.  His installations explore non-dominant expressions of value through sculpture installation, wall texts, video and photo-collage.  His civic engaged projects deal with estates of migrant knowledge, value creation and critical pedagogy.  His artist multiples include goggles and small scale sculptures. Implicitly or explicitly Tenamaxtli endeavours to create a space for a contemporary Nahua aesthetic in its diasporic expression.  Tenamaxtli was born in the Anahuac (Mexico City) and raised near Cuicuilco, he is of Nahua descent and is currently making work in Canada, Italy and Scotland. He graduated in 2010 from the MFA program at York University in Canada. His installations, new-media work, wearable art pieces and performative projects have been presented internationally.